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Larry Warton

Larry was Nicholas Newman’s cell mate in prison.

Larry tormented Nick day after day. One day they got in a fight that would have killed Nick if his father, Victor Newman, hadn’t stepped in and beat up Larry.

In 1999, Larry was released on probation. Matt Clark recruited him to get revenge on Nick. They plotted to frame Nick for selling ecstasy, but Larry got a soft spot for Nick’s daughter, Cassie Newman. Larry changed his mind and testified for Nick, not against him.

Larry became a janitor and began to reform. He saved Billy Abbott and Mackenzie Browning from Ralph Hunicutt. He then started an affair with Billy’s mother, Jill Abbott. They kept their affair secret because Jill was with a man who was “beneath” her. Katherine Chancellor saw Larry leave Jill’s room and confronted her. Jill denied it and even insulted Larry. Larry responded by spilling Jill’s sex toys on the table during a Jabot Cosmetics meeting. Larry helped Sharon Newman, Nick’s wife, cover up killing Cameron Kirsten.

Later it was revealed that Cameron was actually alive. Larry’s last appearance was when he took Sharon for a motorcycle ride after Cassie’s death. Then he left town.

Larry Warton (born Lawrence Warton, nicknamed The Wartman) was portrayed by David “Shark” Fralick.

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